Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dissin' my Mini Van

Will and I made a Walmart run the other day and parked next to this:

Will thought it was the most awesome car he had ever seen.  We think it started out as a slug bug, but I don't know what you'd even call this.  By the way, do you like my awesome photo-editing on my license plate?  Pretty sweet!  I probably should have taken the time to edit my van and make it look like I had washed it.

So, after about an hour in the Walmarts, we came out and saw this:

Same car, different parking space.  I'm assuming my van was ruining its cool factor. I think I'm offended. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Larry the Easter Egg

Will's contribution to Easter was dying one Easter Egg, that he named "Larry."  The next day he wanted to know where Larry was, and said, "Probably inside you since you ate about 12 deviled eggs at lunch."  And he's horrified because apparently he didn't know where deviled eggs come from.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A few randoms

I think I've mentioned before that Kevin keeps a pair of ugly overalls (are there pretty overalls?) in his closet, and when Will acts like a teenager, they become a threat.  Kevin pulls them out and says he's going to wear them to school tomorrow when he walks Will to class.  The look on Will's face is awesome, and it never gets old.

Please don't ask why Kevin has these.  I don't want to go there. 

Emma helped me with the Easter Egg hunt at church, and she found some ways to entertain herself while I was cleaning up.

Selfies with a purple wig.  That's how we roll.

We also roll like this:

Kevin opened the door one night to get something out and Poppy jumped right in.  The irony is that we can't get Will to study for his learner's permit, but our dog is very eager to drive.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Top Five

I'm so glad this week is over.  Without going into details, it's been difficult, but I don't want to focus on that.  I want to think about the wonderful parts of my life.  So, in no particular order, here are:

Leslie's Top 5 Favorites of All Time Forever-and-Ever
(in no particular order)

5.  Will - I love this kid so much.  For every time he has made me crazy, there are two times that he has made me laugh.


After tennis drills tonight, he said, "Riding in the trunk is on my bucket list.  Do you think you can make that happen?"  And before we were out of the parking lot, I was ready to try.

4.  Emma - (you probably saw this one coming)

She's the Little Engine that could.  She's also the Little Engine that talks non-stop and loves unconditionally.

She's also a character.

3.  Kevin

We've been married for nearly 18 years and together for 20.  Sometimes we'll say it feels like dog years, but usually that's on a Monday, or on a day when we're out of Diet Coke.  He loves me unconditionally and would do anything for me or the kids.

And the furry kid.  That was a snow day where Kevin had to work at home all day with his "helper." 

2.  My family and friends

Not enough pictures and not enough words. 

There could never be enough pictures or words.

I'm pulling these five a little closer to me, and I probably should have done that sooner.  What are your top five?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Famous Last Words

Yesterday I did the carpool, dropped everyone off, and was on my way home with Will and Emma.  Let me tell you that Will has been in supreme pestering mode that last few weeks.  He has totally forgotten his Lenten goal of trying to say one kind thing to his sister each day.  ONE  thing - that's all I requested.  It's not a huge mountain to climb.  I understand that he is 14, and with that comes a ticket to badmamajamadom, but I think he could find it somewhere in his heart say one nice thing.  Dig deep, Will.

He didn't dig yesterday, (except a hole for himself).  From the moment he woke up, those hormones were working overtime, and he was picking at Emma. On the ride to our house he continually called Emma, "Dr. Constipation" or "Mrs. Buttcheeks" or "Captain Skidmarks."  Now, I will tell you that Emma didn't understand half of what he was saying, but she knew it wasn't good.  And, that was enough of a reason for her to act like Will beating her with a board.  I had enough  I mean, ENOUGH.  Some days I can tune out the cray and drive, but not today.  I had already talked to him that morning about the teasing, and I later found out the Kevin had the same conversation. So, what does a mom do who has had enough of a smart-mouthed child?  Well, she pulls the van over, opens the door, and makes him walk.  Uh huh.

DISCLAIMER - we were in my neighborhood, so don't go calling the po-po on me. 

However, we were far enough for me to make a really good point.  He kept saying, "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean it."  And I said, "That's good.  You can think about it on the walk home."  And Emma and I drove off.

I called Kevin and he was worried that someone would snatch him on the walk home.  For stinkin' real.  Who in their right mind is going to pick that kid up?  He eats everything that isn't nailed down.  He never brings down his dirty clothes.  His room is covered in Gatorade bottles, and - OH YEAH - has a smart mouth.  It was also a block from our house.  If anyone was going to pick him up, it was a neighbor giving him a ride. 

Will walked home.  No one stole him. 

BONUS POINT #1:  The first thing he did was apologize to Emma.
BONUS POINT #2:  The next thing he did was apologize to me, and talk about the changes he will make
BONUS POINT #3000:  He told me that they had a writing prompt on the Benchmark that day where they had to write about the person they admired the most.  He wrote about me.

Game, Set, Match - Will.

Monday, April 7, 2014

What happened with the shoes, the rest of Emma's day, and a little hope.

I'm going to be nice and not keep you in suspense a moment longer!  Will came home without a wedgie, so I guess those shoes are cool.  Maybe they look weird to me because they are gun-boat sized or something?  Who knows.

Now for Sassy.  Last Friday was her big day.  First, as I covered in the last post, it was Nerd Day.  And, I mean, you can't miss out on that.  Oh, the debates we had over clothing, and hairstyles, and - everything.  Then, her class was leading the Rise and Shine assembly at school, and it was all about the Benchmark testing.  Emma led the pledge and read a poem she wrote about the test.

When Emma left preschool, she had been teased so much about her speech that she was afraid to talk in front of anyone.  Her kindergarten teacher spent the year making her feel safe and reassured.  In first grade, her teacher had a very sweet and soft voice, and Emma started talking to her.  In second grade, her teacher gave her responsibilities like going to the copy machine and taking things to other teachers, and Emma started volunteering in class.  Now, in third grade, her teacher uses Emma's work as a model, and I have a confident little girl.  My point is, each year she has had a teacher who has nurtured her and brought her further along.  And then there is Mrs. Fox, her speech teacher. 

Mrs. Fox is tiny with long, blond hair, and Emma thinks she has hung the moon.  When Mrs. Fox found out that Emma was coming to Happy Hollow, she signed up for Apraxia workshops to learn how to help her.  She has been Emma's biggest defender and cheerleader.  She tells me all the time that the day is coming when Emma will test out of speech, and she doesn't know what she'll do without her.  The feeling is mutual. 

You can see why we were so proud of her reading in front of the school.  After the assembly, Emma left on a field trip with children from the school who had met their reading goals.  She was excited about swimming and the rock-wall climbing at the Boys and Girls Club.  However, on the bus, two boys from a different grade started making fun of the way Emma spoke, and told her she had an accent.  She spoke up and said, "I don't have an accent, I have a speech problem," but they continued to tease her.  Her best friend wasn't with her, but a boy in her grade (who has been in speech with her) stood up and said, "If you are going to make fun of Emma, then you need to make fun of me, too, because I have the same problem."  The boys left Emma alone after that.

When Em first told me about the boys teasing her, I felt like someone had just stomped on my heart.  Don't these kids know how hard she has worked?  And, don't they know that she wasn't supposed to talk in the first place?  She is an amazing little girl!  Then, when Emma told me about the boy who jumped to her defense, I started crying.  I can't imagine many third graders doing that - I taught third grade for 10 years.  That took courage.  Kevin told Emma that the little boy had more character than either of the two teasing boys ever would, put together.  I called the boy's mom and thanked her (and she cried because he has been teased a lot), and I emailed his teacher because teachers needs to know about the good things that happen. 

I still get really nervous when I think about middle school, and what could happen there.  Emma's defender gave me some hope.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun with iPhone Pictures

So it's Sunday, and instead of working on the last paper that is due for my classes, I cleaned out the pictures on my iPhone.  That, folks, is called desperation procrastination.  If I bathe the dog, I should just drop the class because I'm never writing the dang thing.

So, here is the last few weeks of fascination from my phone:

Yesterday I drove to Little Rock and back to work on my paper with a partner from my class.  HEY!  I'm not that lazy.  I mean, I drove to Little Rock and all.  I should  have the day off.  ANYWAY, you should know that if you ever click "like" on the "Dukes of Hazzard theme song" when it plays on Pandora, you will have this pop up over and over.

I took a picture and texted it to Kevin at one of my Sonic stops.  He was so sad that he missed the song because he considers "Smokey and the Bandit" to be a national treasure. 

Speaking of Pandora, it's a little creepy.  I was listening to her (she's a girl right?  Pandora?) at the gym, and this was her selection for me:

It's like she knew all about me and the Cheez-It's earlier that afternoon.  Nice.

And then there was the text I got during the Vacation Bible School planning meeting.

I didn't know which one to punish

Speaking of Will (because you knew it was Will that sent that), his foot went from a size 8 1/2 on Thursday night to a size 10 on Friday.  That means new running shoes for cross country, tennis shoes, and Sperry's for church.  Dang.  He picked these out.

I'm not so sure about those shoes.  Kevin said, "He's a teenager, and he knows what is cool to wear."  Really Kevin?  Because when I picked him up on Thursday, he had on a Polo t-shirt, khaki shorts, orange Nike tall socks and his tennis shoes.  I just hope I didn't buy dork shoes.

Please don't let these be dork shoes.

When we were in Texarkana last weekend, the boys were watching basketball in one bed, and Emma and I were in the other bed very bored.  So, we took some selfies and blew up Kevin's phone.

No make up and wet hair.  I keep it real for y'all.   I also hate selfies, but you have to do something during nonstop sports.

Finally, Friday was "Nerd Day" at Emma's school. 

Will nearly exhausted himself making smart remarks that morning  Of course, who knows what will happen when he wears those shoes to school tomorrow. 

She de-nerded to lead the pledge at her school assembly.  And I cried, like I always do.  I was so proud of Emma for speaking into the microphone and not being ashamed of her speech.  There is more on what happened later in the day, but that's enough for a post of its own. 

You will just have to wait eagerly to see what else happened to Emma, and if Will's shoes were a Glamor Don't.